Theatre Group Meeting – 8th February, 2017

Today about half a dozen of us went to the Laycock Street  Theatre for a dose of Morning Melodies. A very pleasant morning was had, morning tea and cakes were provided and at 11 o’clock the doors opened and we all took out seat for the show, and very good it was.  The show was advertised as “Stomping Ivories: the Duelin’ Piano Show ” consisting of two excellent pianists and a drummer. They stomped out many tunes that we knew and we joined in at times. A local Gosford young lady gave us a vocal, which was well received and a couple of people won seats for the Evita Show, which I believe is on this Friday.

These concerts are held once a month at the Laycock Street Theatre and information about them is usually printed in the branch Seniors Insight newsletter which is handed out at our meeting on the 4th Tuesday of each month as well as being published on this website a few days beforehand.