<b>Review and photos of our visit to Victor Chang Institute</b>

Today a group of members from Wyong branch of National Seniors together with a group from the Hornsby branch made a visit to the Victor Chang Institute for a tour of the facilities dedicated to the famous heart doctor.  When we arrived we were invited to take morning tea. Then we were conveyed to the lecture theatre for a video and information regarding the workings of the Institute and the hopes for the future.  Whilst a lot of it was informative a little was confusing but nevertheless indicated to us the great work being performed there to enrich and save lives. Whilst a lot of grants and donations are made from Government and the private sector, the Institute relies on donations from the man in the street.

The  film and the talk by a Professor on the different procedures that are carried out seem to indicate that because of computers being used these days there is much less work done using animals. Apparently one of the great things used in the tests is a little fish called a Zebra Fish. It seems it is close to the human specie and rapidly reproduces parts of itself that get damaged.

Later we were given a tour of the labs and were able to watch the technicians at work. In the banks of freezers were all kinds of specimens kept ready  frozen for use either next week or many months in the future. Some of the freezers had temperature of minus 80ºC, that sure is cold. The lower the temperature the longer the  time the specimens would be available for the future.

On leaving the Institute we were conveyed to the Paddington R.S.L. for lunch , which was quite enjoyable.  On the return journey to the Central Coast the bus driver gave us a very nice Cooks Tour around the Rocks area.  We arrived back at the Central Coast in the late afternoon after a long, interesting, and very enjoyable day out.
Review by Pat Taylor
Photos by Sheila Perry