September Lunch – a review

Today our first Monday lunch was held at the Ourimbah  R.S.L. Club and we had a reasonable turnout of just under 20 members. I guess a few others who would have come but were laid low with illness.

The meal was rather nice, special of the day being chicken schnitzel, beautifully cooked – not a thin piece of chicken dipped in breadcrumbs and cooked till it was solid – with a choice of topping sauces from many different countries. There was a sauce from Greece, one from Mexico, another from Australia and one from Hawaii, Altogether there were about 9 countries to choose a topping from and of course there was the general menu containing meat and fish dishes.

Those of us who attended in the main enjoyed the meal and it left a very relaxed feeling, that had many of us just sitting around drinking coffee etc.and talking for quite a while.

All in all a very pleasant lunch time.

Review by Pat Taylor

Photos by Sheila Perry

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