A Review of our Springtime Picnic BBQ

We started out with lovely weather for our Springtime picnic B.B.Q although there was rather a cool breeze blowing off the lake.  About 22 people joined us for the outing although many who should have been there were down with the colds and flu that’s going around.

Those of us who were able to make it enjoyed a very pleasant time having a good old chat with everyone, and enjoying a very nice B.B.Q. lunch of sausages, onions and all the salad items needed to make it very tasty. This was followed by dessert of some very tasty cakes. Unfortunately, the hot water for tea and coffee was not available but everyone had bought their own drinks.

Our Trivia Lady – Judy – was not available to provide us with entertainment but sent a message to request our attendance at the Christmas B.B.Q. for she indicated that she has much for our entertainment on that day.

All in all a good day.

Review by Pat Taylor

Photos by Sheila Perry

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