A Review and pictures of Christmas in July

Today, we took ourselves off to the Ettalong Diggers Club. Our outing for this month, being a feast and entertainment to welcome Christmas in July. The entertainment consisted of Rod Stewart and Elton John or entertainers who posed as them. They were quite good especially the person doing the Rod Stewart act. We were greeted on arrival with a glass of sparkling wine or orange juice. The food was very good – turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce —which you don’t always get— vegies and roast potatoes followed by Christmas pudding with custard and ice cream mmm and as much tea and coffee as you wanted.

As I said, the entertainment was good and got us remembering and humming to tunes we mostly knew. Elton John was dressed as he used to at the beginning of his career and Rod Stewart was just Rod Stewart.

The time passed fairly quickly and I think most of us enjoyed ourselves. There were a lot of people there and the room was fairly crowded. It seemed to be mostly groups like ourselves and I must admit that the table we were at was in a fairly crowded area. All in all it was a good day out and having the bus made it better than having to drive. We arrived back at our starting points in the middle of the afternoon after a very pleasant day in pleasant company. We now await to see what is in line for Christmas itself.

Words by Pat Taylor

Images by Sheila Perry

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