A review and pictures of the Melbourne Cup Celebration

Another Super Buffet

Once again the Melbourne Cup has come around and it just doesn’t seem possible that a year has passed since the last one.

The National Seniors branch once again booked in at the Wyong Race Club allowing members to have a great day. On the day 11 members attended to take their pick of the sweeps and place bets on any horse they fancied had a chance of winning.

Stars of the show, Robyn Watson and Diana Allen

Reviewer in Chief, Pat Taylor

Peter Gray

After introductions, the first of the competitions began and it was for the men to see who was wearing the best tie, a gentleman wearing a tie known as an overlander won first prize followed by a check tie worn by another gent. This was then followed by the ladies who were out to win the best hat competition. After much discussion it was a lady wearing a rather nice fawny-gold hat who won, followed by a lady wearing a black hat with a rather large white flower decoration.

There followed the best shoe competition and the best dressed male with our own, very elegant Brian Wilson taking the top prize. The best fashion on the field was won by Diana Allen who received a superb Race Day package for four people. Coming second in the Best Dressed lady was our own Robyn Watson.

Chief Photographer Sheila Perry and her husband Neville

Brian and Nerrelle Wilson

It was now time for lunch and they did not disappoint. There was a hot chicken dish, hot fried rice, some very nice leg ham, salads, fresh salmon and of course prawns and oysters. Everybody got a drink included in the price and there was plenty of tea and coffee. The dessert was an assortment of cakes, eclairs and slices etc. And then of course came the feature we were all there to see. The Melbourne Cup Race. What an assortment of fashion was shown on the TV Screen and wonders of wonders, the sun came out after a morning of rain in Melbourne.

The race itself was very exciting with positions changing all the time until finally it was all over, for many a little richer and for a lot a little poorer but having had a delightful day we all went home.

Graeme and Robyn Watson

David and Diana Allen,

Pam Pearce and Pat Taylor

The elegantly dressed Brian Wilson with his prize


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