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23rd March, 2019

Theatre Group – new meeting.

Movie Group – new meeting.

22nd March, 2019

St Patricks Day Celebration – Pictures and Review.

17th March, 2019

June General Meeting – details of Guest Speaker.

16th March, 2019

May General Meeting – details of Guest Speaker.

6th March, 2019

New Social Event – Lake Macquarie Cruise.

26th February, 2019

July General Meeting – change of date.

April General Meeting – details of guest speaker now available.

23rd February, 2019

Movie Group – next meeting.

22nd February, 2019

Hunter Valley Day Trip – details finalised.

Seniors Insight – Latest Edition.

15th February, 2019

New Social Event – Day trip to Hunter Valley.

28th January, 2019

Australia Day BBQ – Review with pictures.

20th January, 2019

March General Meeting – information about the Guest Speaker.

19th January, 2019

New Social Event – BBQ Day.

June General Meeting – date confirmed.

First Monday Lunch – April.

New Social Event – Camp Breakaway.

18th January, 2019

First Monday Lunch – March.

Ourimbah RSL – New Social Event.

Theatre Group – February Meeting.

Movie Group – January meeting.

First Monday Lunch – February.

St Patrick’s Day – new social event.

Seniors Insight – Latest Edition.

13th January, 2019

February General Meeting – change of speaker.

8th December, 2018

“Christmas Crackers” – Review now added.

6th December, 2018

“Christmas Crackers” – Pictures

28th November, 2018

November General Meeting – Pictures.

February General Meeting – details announced.

23rd November, 2018

Movie Group – November meeting.

New Social Event – at Wyong Art House.

22nd November, 2018

Seniors Insight – November edition

November BBQ – A review with pictures.

9th November, 2018

Melbourne Cup, 2018 – Photos and review published.

21st October, 2018

Movie Group – October meeting.

Riverboat Postman – Photos and review published.

19th October, 2018

Seniors Insight – October Edition.

30th September, 2018

New Social Event – November BBQ.

21st September, 2018

Movie Group – September meeting.

Seniors Insight – September Edition.

Spring Picnic – CANCELLED.

2nd September, 2018

Presentations at the AGM

23rd August, 2018

Branch HolidayCANCELLED

Seniors Insight – August Edition.

Movie Group – August meeting.

31st July, 2018

January Guest Speaker – details announced.

Celebrating Christmas – revised date and cost now included.

October Guest Speaker – details announced.

29th July, 2018

Christmas in July – a review.

28th July, 2018

Home Page – minor changes to text.

22nd July, 2018

Seniors Insight – July Edition.

30th June, 2018

New Social Event – Australia Day 2019 celebration.

New Social Event – Celebrating Christmas.

New Social Event -Melbourne Cup.

New Social EventRiverboat Postman.

October First Monday (Tuesday) Lunchdetails announced.

29th June, 2018

Please note that minor revisions have been made to various upcoming events have now been added to the site.

Spring Picnic – details announced.

September First Monday Lunch – details announced.

Movie Group – July meeting.

24th June, 2018

Seniors Insight – June Edition.

31st May, 2018

August Guest Speaker – change of speaker.

New Social Event Visit to Wyong Art House.

18th May, 2018

Movie Group – June meeting.

Movie Group – another meeting in May.

Seniors Insight – May Edition.

21st April. 2018

Movie Group – May meeting.

Seniors Insight – April Edition.

17th April, 2018

Autumn Picnic – a review.

16th April, 2018

New Committee Member – a photograph.

15th April, 2018

April LunchPhotos now on site.

31st March, 2018

August Guest Speaker – details now available.

24th March, 2018

June Guest Speaker – details now available.

July Guest Speaker – details now available.

23rd March, 2018

Seniors Insight – March, 2018 edition.

22nd March, 2018

New Social Event – Visit to Wyong Milk Factory.

Christmas in July – details of reduced price and timing changes.

First Monday Lunch, August – details now available.

Movie Group – April Meeting.

21st March, 2018

Event Co-ordinator – new appointment.

Visit to Dobell HouseNEW DATE and some more details.

First Monday lunch, June NEW VENUE.

20th March, 2018

St Patricks Day Festival – a review.

19th March, 2018

Theatre Group – details of the December meeting.

18th March, 2018

Theatre Group – details of  the October meeting.

Theatre Group – details of the November meeting.

17th March, 2018

Theatre Groupdetails of the June meeting.

Theatre Group – details of the August meeting.

Theatre Group – details of the September meeting.

16th March, 2018

Theatre Group – details of the April meeting.

Theatre Group – details of the May meeting.

13th March, 2018

Autumn Picnic – more information.

12th March, 2018

Autumn BBQ – now a picnic.

4th March, 2018

First Monday Lunch, March – a review.

28th February, 2018

April ‘Guest’ Speaker – details announced.

May Guest Speaker – details announced.

24th February, 2018

Seniors Insight – February, 2018 edition.

Theatre Group – next meeting.

23rd February, 2018

Movie Group – next meeting.

1st February, 2018

St Patricks Day Festival – start time is now available.

Visit to Dobell House – more information is now available.

Christmas in July – a revised price.

30th January, 2018

Home Page – minor revisions to format.

28th January, 2018

Australia Day Celebration – a review.

26th January, 2018

Cancelled Social Event – Visit to Mount Annan Botanic Gardens.

20th January, 2018

Theatre Group – next meeting.

Movie Group – next meeting.

Seniors Insight – January edition.

18th January, 2018

New Social Event – Christmas in July.

June Lunch – details announced.

July Lunch – details announced.

May Lunch – details announced.

New Social Event – Visit to Dobell House.

17th January, 2018

New Social Event – Autumn BBQ.

April Lunch – details announced.

New Social Event – St Patricks Day Celebration.

March Lunch – details announced.

16th January, 2018

New Social Event  – Visit to Mount Annan Botanic Gardens.

February Lunch – details announced.

Australia Day BBQ more information.

6th December, 2017

Christmas BBQ a review.

3rd December, 2017

New Social Event – Australia Day BBQ.

28th November, 2017

February Guest Speaker – details announced.

27th November, 2017

Seniors Insight November Edition.

Theatre Groupnext meeting.

23rd November, 2017

Home Page – minor revisions.

13th November, 2017

General Meeting dates for 2018 are now published.

10th November, 2017

Melbourne Cup – a review.

24th October, 2017

March Guest Speaker – details announced,

21st October, 2017

Theatre Group – details of next meeting.

Movie Group – details of next meeting.

Seniors Insight – October Edition.

Brisbane Water Cruise – a review.

18th October, 2017

Melbourne Cup Day – timing now available.

17th October, 2017

Melbourne Cup Day – more information.

5th October, 2017

October Lunch – A review.

3rd October, 2017

Melbourne Cup Day – price now available.

Brisbane Water Cruise – boarding time now available.

24th September, 2017

Seniors Insight – September Edition.

Theatre Group – new meeting.

Spring B B Q – a review.

5th September, 2017

September Lunch – a review.

24th August, 2017

January General Meeting – details of guest speaker.

October General Meeting – details of guest speaker.

Committee – changes made at A G M.

17th August, 2017

Movie Group new meeting.

Theatre Group – new meeting.

Seniors Insight August edition.

26th July, 2017

‘Christmas in July’ – Review.

23rd July, 2017

Movie Group new meeting.

‘Seniors Insight– July edition.

30th May, 2017

May BBQ – Review.

21st May, 2017

Movie Group – new meeting.

‘Seniors Insight’ May edition.

19th May, 2017

New Social Event – ‘The Melbourne Cup’.

‘Christmas in July’ – details of the entertainment.

First Monday Lunch in September – change of venue.

12th May, 2017

August General Meeting – speaker details.

30th April, 2017

October General Meeting – speaker details.

12th April, 2017

First Monday Lunch in October – change of venue.

Movie Group – new meeting.

10th April, 2017

‘Seniors Insight’April Edition.

3rd April, 2017

Christmas BBQ – new social event.

First Monday Lunch – details of September Lunch.

First Tuesday (Monday) Lunch – details of October Lunch.

September BBQ – new social event.

1st April, 2017

Christmas in July – more information now available.

Branch’s 20th birthday celebrations – more information now available.

November General Meeting – details of this month’s guest speaker.

28th March, 2017

June ‘Observatory’ Tripchange of date.

26th March, 2017

Movie Group – Beauty and the Beast.

Theatre Group – The Everly Brothers Tribute Show.

‘Seniors Insight’ – March edition.

6½ hour cruise – new social event.

Christmas in July – new social event.

25th March, 2017

June ‘Observatory’ trip’ – confirmation and booking and payment details.

May BBQ – booking and payment details.

July General Meeting –  details of this month’s speaker.

24th March, 2017

April General Meetingdetails of this month’s speaker.

March General Meeting new speaker on the same subject.

15th March, 2017

March BBQ – a review.

11th March, 2017

Wyong Seniors Week Concert a review.

8th March, 2017

New Social Event Camp Breakaway.

March Social Event – review and photographs.

27th February, 2017

Theatre Group – new meeting.

‘Seniors Insight’ February Edition.

Home Page – minor revision.

16th February, 2017

February Social Event – review and photos.

10th February, 2017

Theatre Group review of February meeting.

28th January, 2017

New Social Event May BBQ.

24th January, 2017

March General Meeting – announcement of guest speaker.

20th January, 2017

‘Seniors Insight’ – January Edition.

Movie/Theatre Group – two new meetings.

Possible June Social Event – Please express your interest.

March Social Event – Final payment requirements.

January General Meeting – minor revision to guest speaker information.

New Social Event – Seniors Week Concert

18th January, 2017

Australia Day BBQ – Postponed

8th December, 2016

Christmas BBQ – Six images added.

Christmas Party – Five Images added.

7th December, 2016

Christmas BBQ A review.

Christmas Party – A review.

22nd November, 2016

February Social Event – more details of entertainment.

18th November, 2016

Movie Groupdetails of November meeting.

January General Meeting – details of guest speaker.

February General Meeting – details of Guest Speaker.

April General Meeting – details of Guest Speaker.

May General Meeting – details of Guest Speaker.

15th November, 2016

Visit to Chang Research Unit – revised pick up times/locations.

12th November, 2016

Christmas Party – details of entertainment.

Christmas BBQ more details.

February Social Event – details of entertainment.

March First Monday Lunch – cancelled.

Visit to Chang Research Unit – more details including reduction in cost.

7th November, 2016

Committee – new photograph.

Home Page – minor revision.

6th November, 2016

Branch Holiday – Another three images added.

5th November, 2016

Melbourne Cup Day – 10 images now added.

4th November, 2016

Melbourne Cup Day – A review.

25th October, 2016

‘Seniors Insight’ – Version 3.

24th October, 2016

First Monday Lunch – February Putt Putt CANCELLED.

22nd October, 2016

Branch Holiday – Images now added.

Seniors Insight’ October edition.

Movie Group – November meeting.

20th October, 2016

November General Meeting – our final meeting of the year finishes with a star entertainer.

19th October, 2016

New Social Event – Halekulani Cabaret Lunch.

First Monday Lunch venues now added for some months in 2017.

Day trip to Victor Chang Research Unit – more information now available.

Australia Day BBQ – venue now added.

17th October, 2016

Branch Holiday – Review.

13th October, 2016

October General Meeting – Change of Guest Speaker.

5th October, 2016

October First Monday Lunch – Review.

28th September, 2016

Diary dates for 2017Lunches, General Meetings and Australia day

25th September, 2016

Movie/Theatre Group – November meeting.

Movie/Theatre GroupOctober meeting.

24th September, 2016

Christmas BBQ Venue to be reviewed (now, no change).

Seniors Insight Latest edition.

20th September, 2016

September BBQ Review and photographs.

18th September, 2016

New Social Event Camp Breakaway Coffee Morning.

16th September, 2016

Melbourne Cup – more information and payment deadline.

10th September, 2016

Movie Groupdetails about a new meeting of this group.

September, 2016

September, First Monday Lunchreview.

29th August, 2016

September BBQnew start time.

25th August, 2016

August General Meeting – images of the entertainment.

Committee changes made at the AGM.

Branch Holiday coach pick up information

September BBQ a gentle reminder to book

20th August, 2016

New Movie/Theatre Group EventVisit to Laycock Theatre.

Christmas Party yet more details available.

Branch Holidaypayment requirements.

16th August, 2016

Christmas Party more details now available.

2nd August, 2016

New Social Event September BBQ.

October Monday lunchanother change of venue.

Christmas Partystart time now added.

1st August, 2016

Cancelled Social Event trip to Hunter Valley Gardens.

Melbourne Cup Day more details now available.

New Social Event Christmas Party

New Social Event trip to Victor Chang Cardiac Research Unit.

23rd July, 2016

Movie Group Meeting details about a new meeting of this group.

Movie Group Meeting details about a new meeting of this group.

Entertainment followed by A G M – more information about our ‘mystery speaker’.

October First Monday Lunch change of venue.

July General Meeting – more information about our guest speaker.

Ahn Do – Art House Theatre – a new social event.

20th July, 2016

September General Meeting with Guest Speaker  – more information about our guest speaker.

October General Meeting with Guest Speaker – more information about our guest speaker.